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The urgency

      Modern City is characterized, by greatly increased dynamics of town environment modernization. Appearance of new lifestyle modifications, new criteria's of comfort, and hygienic standards and in considerable degrees - often change of citizens' artistic and aesthetic ideas, flow into inconstancy of any town patterns.
     The traditional means of a town design either aren't carable continuously to support the conformity between the environment and the values adapted by the actual culture or in some cases aren't carable to shape a town space without colossal expenditures.
     This causes aggravation of the modern town environment problems, and actualizing the search of new means and methods of the harmonious town environment shaping as the composition-integral architectural town space reflecting requirements of modern culture. Basing on the cumulative experience of the designing practice, work at the town administration of a modern town and also getting to know utilization of the tent structures in our country and abroad, you may say that integration of the tent structures into a town lets to harmonize the architectural environment. The use of the tent structures in the real arrangement of a town gives the possibility to reflect as much as possible a great number of social public and functional requirements of the modern culture to the concrete town environment.
     A new architecture give rise with its plastic language temporary space and tectonic characteristics giving possibility to space to shape both the largest town developing complexes and small details of a town environment, from temporary mobile structures fill the capital developments using tent constructions.
     The tent constructions - a new rapidly developing branch of the building industry.
     New materials - reinforced polyvinyl chloride films gave mighty impetus to the development of mobile constructions due to broad possibilities, they possess.
     -Development of the principal models of the tent architecture in a town environment.
     -Richness of plastic shapes volume - space solutions on the base of limited and relatively not complicated constructive components;
     - The emotional enrichment possibility of the space due to the bright polychrome of light pervious covering materials and variable ways of the compositions. Sometimes the color palette these components considerable exceeds the activity of a town context and can define color characteristics of a town environment as a whole. Changing of the tent roofing gives the possibility to change artistic-decorative, volume-spatial decision of the formed spaces, without great expenditures not changing the constructive base.