The purpose

N. Chelny    
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      At the time the use of the tent structure often leads to disorderly piling up in the environment. The integration of the universal components of the tent architecture without solution of the problems of the town space harmony as a result leads to the seizure from the social cultural context of the environment.

The problem
     On modern stage of development of city, the problems of problems of harmonious architectural-space environment become acute. Now, at the new development stage of the tent architecture, we need to put together all our experience of using tent structures in different architectural environments and social, cultural context into a system; create a visual support to express the possibilities of tent structures; develop an open typology of using tent structures in dimensional architectural environment of the modern township.
     Creation of the harmonious modern town environment carable flexibly to respond to changes of life requirements- the problem having defined the purpose of the research - to work out the method of shaping the harmonies town areas on the base of maximum application of the possibilities of the tent construction as a new means of a town design and architecture.

The main problems include:
     -Systematization of the architectural-designing means of the tent architecture promoting the creating of the harmonious environment of a modern town.
     -Development of the principal models of the tent architecture in a town environment.
     Working in the sphere of development projects of tent structures we gathered some experience in tent architecture project making in different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and others. During the period of working on the project development dozens of objects using tent structures were erected. Majorities of them were experimental. There we experimented with structural and art-decoration solutions. Decorative art craftsmanship, rich traditions of national festivals and holidays found own place in the architecture of tent structures. This allowed demonstrating many possibilities of tent structures - different style solutions considering national and cultural aspects. With great Assurance we can say those using tent structures can harmonize dimensional architectural environment of urban settlements. Sometimes it can be the only way to meet maximum requests of social, cultural, dimensional architecture and functional requirements of the environment. Work in the field of tent constructions designing was honored with a number of professional rewards.