Architectural decorative ways and solutions of festival complexes on the basis of tent structures.
      The subject of the great national festival has become the main one for the festival complexes architectural artistic model development.
      The developed tent coverings artistic decorative design technologies allowed us to revive and add some new clarity and shades for the richest layer of the national artistic decorative craft; it is the bright polychromia of ornament having got the universal artistic language of national culture. The combination of the tent structure large plastic art and the small artistic - decorative detailed elaboration of a tent and the metal parts of a frame were the decisive approach of the space artistic comprehension and the creation of a national festival image.
      The different motives of the ornament art of Tatar people living in Povolzhye adopted from clothes and footwear decoration, weapons design, attire and at last the silhouettes of the eastern architecture are used in fairy-tale architectural ensembles.
     Except the large permanent tent structures forming the basis of a bulky-area composition, a lot of medium and small seasonal and temporary tent structures (summer cafes, trade pavilions, etc.) are included into the united ensemble. It is done at the expense of the architectural plastic art community and decorative artistic design unity. Small varied assembly-sectional tent scopes fulfill the function of the composition structure changeable filling, creating the atmosphere of a tremendous holiday action.
     Setting up a united huge ensemble during the festival Sabantui, the temporary structures are harmoniously exiting separately outside its territory, creating the bright deposit of emphasis in the urban environment. Made in a single style the mobile tent structures add some individual features to the urban area, including the elements of national culture in it.
     Thus the tent structures allow to solve not only the functional tasks of the area formation, but the actual problems connected with the humanization of contemporary surroundings and society.