The territory selection
      Large festivals usually take place in the public city centres. However it is not related to Sabantui. This event is connected with coming back to life of spring nature. The Tatarstan urban environs landscapes variety hills and valleys, woods and fields, water and far views mirrors is a real holiday environment. At certain moments the festival scenario demands the participants and spectators' concentration around the main actions. For example, the horse races which take peace on the own territory or the national wrestling on the main arena. At another moment of the holiday crowds of people approach the trade stalls or disperse for picnics.
      Though such territories were not foreseen according to the official general plans, they actually and spontaneously appeared and blended with area town-planning system of Tatarstan. It's good, that the diverse nature of the Povolzhsky region can offer a favorable area for any town or village to organize the festival.
Functional content and zoning.
      The centre of composition is the main arena and the stage on the Maidan. The basic events take place there. These are different competitions, for example the national wrestling in which spectators take part to reveal the strongest young man. These are the shows of professional and amateur stage-artists. Several performances can occur on the Maidan simultaneously. One of the festival centres is a racecourse. Since the ancient time horse-races have been one of the favorite shows for the people of Tatarstan. The running tracks of a racecourse are quite near the main arena where starts, finishes and, of course, the winners rewarding ceremony take place. The trade fair area is next to the main arena. The large fair includes chaikhana stalls with national food, attractions and open platforms.
     Under the multinational existing conditions there are several planning complexes for the pavilions of different nations where you can hear their national melodies, buy the items of folk craft, try their national food. This clearly incarnates friendship, mutual understanding and respect for the culture and traditions of the people living together for a long time.