Leisure zone includes not only large stationary tent structures that create the basis of this sizable thematic composition, but also a multitude of medium and small size marquees of summer cafes, seasonal or temporary commerce pavilions, integrated into one conceptual style. This is possible due to unity of architectural plasticity of tent structures and single artistic design style. Easily mountable small marquee structure units serve as changeable setting elements of the composition, creating the atmosphere of grandiose colorful festival Sabantuy.
     Any single temporary element of this sizable composition combining in thematic unity during Sabantuy festival, easily fits in any setting away from the leisure zone as well.. Mobile transformable tent structures are mainly used in the urban environment creating multitude of vivid impressions. Mobile tent pavilion structures, created in the uniform style of composition, provide individual streaks to the city environment, meanwhile carrying decorative graphic properties of ethnic Muslim culture.
     Modern tent structures play the main role in the thematic ensemble of ethnic festival of Sabantuy. Architecture and decoration of marquee structures of the ensemble using rich tradition of Tatar graphic art and Muslim decorative motives of Central Asia aligns the composition with aesthetic and world-outlook preferences, aspirations of local people towards conscious creation of ethnic philosophy and cultivation of ethnic feelings, based on deeply religious culture.

Kazan. Nizhnekamsk. 2003