Stationary structures of tent plating above extended tribunes and summer stage are the largest objects in the architectural composition of leisure zone. Situated in a semi-circle around Maydan - central ring of the Sabantuy festival, the tribunes overlook calm waters of Zay river and the city, spread on the opposite bank.
     Wrinkled tent structures around Sabantuy area, mark it out from the surrounding landscape in a shape of a white horseshoe, simultaneously forming an inner space of a big open summer theater. Artistic decoration of 27 large tent panels, around 9m x 18m, in form of Tatar patchwork shawls and towels with rich plant ornamentation, traditional embroidery of festive events, underlined constructive rhythm and has set the necessary significance, turning ultramodern construction material of the plating into a worthy casing to a grandiose ethnic play of Sabantuy festival.
     Plating above the stage is another no less important element of this architectural composition. The dome gives compositional completeness to the circle of Maydan, becoming a volumetric as well as logical dominant of the Sabantuy festival composition. Stage complex is prepared in the eastern-Muslim architecture style, creating ephemeral structure images of Khan's Kazan - the capital of a vanished ancient Muslim state. The dome is made of cylindrical tent segments, strained along the frame. Scene complex consists of a big, 12m x 12m, dome plating at the height of 15 m above the stage surface, and a tent structure of a decorative backside, serving simultaneously as a decoration and windshield fencing, whose stationary steel carcass allows changing of up to 15 decorative panels depending on the performance. Stage's dome stands on the tracery steel pillars above the top row of tribunes, thus keeping the view of the city and river bottomlands open to all spectators. This way, the dome plating creates an image of a hovering heavenly blanket, covering the city of Almetyevsk.

  Covering by town festival
  Sabantuy. Tent for VIP.

National festival Sabantuy 
Covering above a stage