Theme of grandiose ethnic festival became a key for development of artistic architectural image for the leisure zone.
Tent structures, uniting big and small, stationary and mobile structures, serving different functions in the area are used as the principal integrating element of the composition.
     Architechtonics of marquees, as of an element of nomadic culture, has a tight link with ethnogenesis of Tatars. Together with traditional eastern and muslim components, it is one of the key characteristics of regional architecture. For this reason modern tent structures have easily entered into the cultural context, becoming not as much a functional, constructive material for architectural forms, but an important structural part of an artistic image of the composition.

  Mobile and stationary awning
  for national holiday

     Technologies of artistic decoration of tent plating materials allowed revival of rich stratum of folk creative decoration, bright polichromy of ornamentation, which became a universal graphic language of Tatar Muslim culture, giving them a new role in architecture.
     Thus, interlacing large plasticity of voluminous tent structures with smaller artistic decoration details of marquees became a determining motive, the tool of artistic understanding of the dimension and creating architectural composition of ethnic festival.

Covering by town festival
Sabantuy, places

   National festival Sabantuy
   Covering above a stage