Leisure zone is situated at the north picturesque outskirts of the city Almetyevsk, surrounded from the north by hills dominating the landscape and from the south by bottomlands of river Zay, separating leisure zone from new city blocks of Almetyevsk.

Tent structures. Reconstruction of festival space.


     Founded 50 years ago on the prospected oil field area, Almetyevsk is one of the most rapidly growing young Russian cities. By the end of 20th century leisure area, a place of cultural events and recreation, gains growing importance in the developing city structure, which brings up the need to implement reconstruction measures. Examples of the architect-designer work in the task of renewal and enlargement of facilities include increasing number of seats in the summer theater and racetrack, roofing tribunes and summer stage, uniting great space of leisure area, including traditional commerce territories along the river and fairs on the hill slopes, into one thematic concept.
      Tasks of the project, however, were centered not on the material reconstruction, but on the more important environment of an ethnic festival.
      After breakdown of communist ideology, and search for new moral-ethical pillars in post-industrial society, revival of spiritual values incarnated in religion & bright ethnic culture of Tatar people became imperative.
     For number of years now, every spring tens of thousands of townspeople and folks from nearby settlements and villages gather in the leisure area, filling this space with festive mood of Sabantuy.
      Sabantuy is the brightest and most ancient festival of Tatars, living in these areas in the Middle Volga region and professing Islam for hundreds of years. For many centuries this event, symbolizing arrival of spring and time to seed crops, has become a basis for the system of rites, serving as an efficient mean for education in behavioral norms, cultural and spiritual Muslim values, transferring them to the following generations.

Covering by town festival    
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