2006 Complex of awning constructions on Maydan Aznakaevo; Tent constructions for rest area “Bereozka”; 2005 Complex of mobile pavilions for National - Cultural Communities of Kazan; 2004 Complex of awning constructions on Maydan Leninogorsk; Complex of mobile awning pavilions for firm Leninogrsk-oil; Complex of awning decorative constructions for realization of anniversary actions of. Mirnuy ; 2003 Complex of awning constructions in a zone of rest Almetyevsk; 2002 gas stations on Nowokremlin str. in Kazan; Gothic tent above summer restaurant "Lancelot"; 2001 covering above Platform Maydan and reconstruction of awning coverings above tribunes of Naberezhnye Chelny; 1997 Complex of awning constructions in a park zone of Nizhnekamsk; Decorating the central stadium Kazan; Awning constructions for realization of New Year's holidays at NCC Kazan; 1996 Exhibition hall of republic Tatarstan at the international exhibition “the Future of Russia”. N. Novgorod; The VIP pavilion for NCC Kazan; Complex of tents and coverings for registration of street holidays of Privolzhskiy area Kazan; Tent at “Buzovskiy” the market Nizhnekamsk. 1995 VIP Pavilion of a house of receptions of republic Tatarstan Kazan; 1994 Coverings above tribunes of a city Hippodrome of. Naberezhnye Chelny; 1993 Coverings above tribunes Majdana of Naberezhnye Chelny; Coverings of a circus of chapiteau "Aygul" ; 1992 Complex of awning constructions on tourist quay of the Museum of reserve of. Bulgar;

              For the S-Peterburg 1996
Decorative awning. Project sketch