Work in the field of designing in Moscow on Russian festival "Architecture - 94" was marked by the diploma in review of the best architectural products 1991-1994ã.ã. The development realized in cities of Russia, were marked at the All-Russia exhibitions - competitions "Design - 96", "Design - 97" as one of the best projects and realizations in a nomination "Architectural design" also were awarded Diplomas of winners. 2005-National prize in the field of design "Victoria" in a nomination “Architectural design”. The silver diploma of International festival Zodchestvo-2007 In review competition Landscape architecture small architectural forms and design of the city environment.

The patent for the invention ¹ 2287437 “Way of manufacturing of art - decorative registration of awning coverings” from 20.11.06ã.

              For the S-Peterburg 1996
Decorative awning.  Project sketch